Prodrive Technologies


Prodrive Technologies is a developer and manufacturer of world-class electronics, mechanics and software. It comprises over 1000 employees and is one of the fastest growing companies in Europe.

Our organization is based on two groups: Development and Operations. The Development department is oriented at developing first-rate electronic, mechanic and software solutions. The operations department is responsible for production, assembly, testing and life-cycle-management of electronic products and systems in the range of 1 to more than a million pieces per year.

If you’ve got it in you, we’ll help to bring it out.

At Prodrive Technologies, we’ve chosen not to have a standard executive programme, or a series of precisely sketched out career paths. We prefer to offer you plenty of opportunities, options, guidance, courses and chances to develop yourself in a way that suits you best. That doesn’t mean that you’ll find everything laid on for you. On the contrary: you start at the deep end. But we won’t let you drown…

If you’re crazy about technology, you can – in principle – start work with us tomorrow, either full-time or part-time. Assuming you meet our needs and our criteria. For example, we’re looking for people who know how to knuckle down to work, want to get ahead, are curious, who set high standards for themselves, and are willing to commit themselves to the interests of our customers and our company. Okay, we know we’re asking a lot. But we also have a lot to offer.

See for yourself and apply: