Guidewire develops and implements market-leading software for the second-largest financial services industry in the world: insurance. We build the core applications that Property and Casualty (P/C) insurers use to create their products, sell policies, settle claims, and bill their customers. Guidewire opened Krakow Development Centre in September 2015 to support increasing global customer demand. Kraków is Guidewire’s eighth global development Centre, joining teams in California, Dublin, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tokyo and Toronto.

Here are some of the current international projects that our full stack engineers are tackling:

  • #MachineLearning #java – We are building the team which will work on the Predictive Analytics Guidewire product.
  • #js #css3 – We are rewriting the rendering engine for a web based product. It is a technology driven project to build a platform for other developers. We work closely with colleagues in Silicon Valley.
  • #java8 #gosu #react.js – We have a greenfield project to create a rating engine testing tool. Rating engines are complex beasts to tame and testing them requires picking the right technology stack and lot of design/architecture.
  • #java8 #nofrontend #gosu – We do backend work to develop a data processing/transformation engine that will revolutionize the insurance business. We work closely with colleagues in Toronto, Canada.

We are looking for more talented engineers to join a world class engineering team and work on insurance software products. Believe it or not, insurance software is surprisingly complex, difficult to get right, and a lot of fun to work on.

Benefits of working for Guidewire include:

  • We are a Silicon Valley product company
  • We care about our employees - great work life balance, no out-of-hours support, no overtimes
  • Attractive salary and bonus scheme
  • All of us are full-stack developers
  • City Center location with parking space
  • Flat management
  • Possibility to travel abroad
  • Working in international environment
  • … and what’s the most important – New, interesting projects on the horizon

We are currently in process of constructing internship program for students in Poland.

All jobs are fully described on our web page: Contact: