Career Centre is a unit of AGH University of Science and Technology established in 1999.

Its mission is to develop cooperation between the university and business sector so as to foster the image of the university as a place where the quality of education results in high employability of its graduates and their constantly raising competitiveness on the job market.

Main activities include: preparing students and graduates to effective job search, promotion of the university and its graduates among the employers, cooperation with the employers (Polish and foreign), acquisition of job and internship offers, administration of website database of job offers and cvs, organisation of job fairs (twice a year), employers presentations and recruitment events at the university, education activities related to employability (lectures, workshops), collecting information on employers and recruitment requirements, cooperation with students organisations, other universities and similar institutions in Poland and abroad.

A Unit of Monitoring of Graduates Professional Development operates within the Centre aimed at job market analysis and research activities including monitoring of graduates career paths (first destination surveys).